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The Work of Necatuss (Patrick Soper) is extremely interdisciplinary and multimedia. The mediums used range from Sound Art & Music, To Art & Tech, Animation, Drawing, Sculpture, Digital Media and even Digital Fabrication. He has collaborated with a wide array of visual artists, poets, singers, musicians, performance artists, engineers, software developers and even some NASA Scientists.


His work explores a variety of themes ranging from the effects of digital isolation, commodification of relationships, world building, cultural exchange in the digital age, Technocratic late stage capitalism and how all of these affect one’s identity & self perception. This work is highly research focused, often involving experts in theory, literature, science and engineering to coalesce. The artist’s practice is exploratory and conceptual, while paying strong homage to artists and theories that came before him.


He has been recognized by numerous publications and received sponsorships from major brands like Subpac, Ableton, and Vans. He also received a grant from Projects for Peace that was used to start a digital music program in Jacmel Haiti for Jakmel Ekspresyon. Currently he is working as a Music Composer for the game Celestial Command and formerly as a Sound Designer for Caterpillar.

Creative Resume Patrick Soper 2024.png
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